Tips to Order Napkins from Table Napkins Rentals in Utah

Tips to Order Napkins from Table Napkins Rentals in Utah

Perfect tablescapes don’t just happen themselves. A careful selection of table linen, table runners, and napkins are its building blocks. Whether plain or personalized, napkins at the wedding reception are an absolute must! Though it fails to make it on the planning list, it is something you would not like to forget. You might feel what difference will it make; you can rent any table napkin. But successful event planners say that you need to remember that table napkins affect the aesthetics of the event venue or table.  The whole table decoration can fall apart if the table napkins are not in sync with the décor or are of cheap quality. It is essential to choose the napkins that either correspond to the runner or the tablecloth to tie together the décor elements.

Table Napkins Rentals in Utah

Here are few things you need to keep in mind before ordering table napkins rentals in Utah for any event:

  1. Fabric: The last thing you will want your guests to feel like they are using sandpaper to wipe their face or hands. When ordering the napkins ensure that you choose only high-quality fabrics. It will not be wrong to say that it is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when selecting the table napkins. Three most popular fabric types to choose from are satin, pintuck taffeta, and polyester poplin. These fabrics are preferred as they look rich and add a beautiful texture and pop to the overall décor.
  2. Fold: The length of the napkin should be adequate so that you can fold it as per your style and theme. There are several napkin folding styles that you can choose from Some of the popular styles are the pyramid, the arrow, the bird of paradise, the cone, the French, the Diamond, the Rosebud, and the Bishop’s Hat. Ideally, the size should be 20x20”. One smart idea is to fold the napkin in a way that it has a pocket to tuck the menu cards in.
  3. Color: It is one of the most crucial aspects as it can make or break the table setting. Imagine that the theme is white and gold and you end up with blue or green table napkins! Dreadful right! So, it is essential to choose the color of the table napkins with utmost care.


If you are looking for the table napkins rentals in Utah, one trusted name is Bapu Linen. They feature more than 20 color options to choose from in all popular fabrics like satin, polyester, and satin. It gives event planners a chance to play with their creativity and not compromise on the theme. Bapu Linen also offers free shipping, so the chances of finding better prices anywhere are bleak. It will not be wrong to say that Bapu Linen is like your one stop shop when it comes to linen rentals for events and weddings. They feature an extensive collection of table linens, table overlays, table runners, chair shapes, and napkins.

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